Major Replastering

‘The Dutch House’

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This property was suffering from many leaks in its roof. This had caused blown plaster and big cracks in the walls and ceilings in 3 large bedrooms. This unique property featured rooms with part sloping ceilings and unusual dimensions, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Our approach to solving the problems experienced by the property was to hack out all blown plaster and repair all cracks. Upon ensuring that the remedial work was effective, we carried out a full replastering of all the walls and ceilings in the affected rooms.

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The outcome was nothing less than this character property deserved. All three rooms were rejuvenated and finished to an extremely high standard. Luke Price, Managing Director of Surrey Hills Plastering said, “Although this property provided us with some substantial challenges, the team worked well to deliver a quality finish, ensuring the future of the house.”

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The property owners added: “We were very pleased indeed with the work completed, would not hesitate to recommend Surrey Hills Plastering and Damp Proofing. the quality of the finish in each room is staggering and they spent the last afternoon cleaning!”